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I'm Rachel! In 2007, I was a stay at home mom who had a knack for using my Konica Minolta camera to take photos of my two (now 3) young children. That hobby slowly bloomed into a small photography business and I took up my first ever client via Craigslist in the spring of 2008. Ten years later...

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 The Collective is a membership based program that brings new, educational content from not only myself, but other industry creatives and business specialists. Inside the Collective you'll find hours of video that will help grow your photography and your business with two new video every single MONTH!

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Take peek at my method on the side Sleeper pose!
This video is one of many in my deconstruction series line up inside the Collective monthly membership!

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The Side Sleeper Pose

Come along with me as we venture into the Scottish highlands for a family session! In this short excerpt from a Collective favorite you'll get to learn about  2 of my most go to family poses   

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Teaching is a huge responsibility that I do not take lightly. My goal is never to have the learning end when the workshop ends, but to remain personally available to each and every photographer who takes a course with me. From observation styled Fly on the Wall workshops to intensive hands-on posing two day classes, I put my heart and soul into making sure that everyone leaves with their questions answered, problems solved, and skills exponentially increased.

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I've been teaching photography, mainly newborn photography, for nearly nine years...and the resounding problem that most photographers come to workshops with is lighting. (Followed closely by marketing, but that's another blog post!) But before we dive into the main problems I see, and how to fix them, take a look at my in-home natural light newborn set up from 2010....

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