Photographing your baby during  the quarantine

I know that’s a weird word in these times, but seriously, a baby is always reason to celebrate! If the world needs anything right now, it’s a reason to smile, and your new little miracle is a great reason for that! 

This booklet was put together as a free resource, so my clients, and other photographers’ clients, could document this time in their lives while under quarantine. This isn’t intended for photographers and I won’t be covering posed newborn sessions, as I believe most professional equipment and training is needed for those sleepy/posed newborn photos! 

If you’re looking to capture some sweet images of your new little one at home -- this booklet is perfect for you, and I hope it will help you be able to document all those sweet moments of your little human’s life! Enjoy!

The Collective

Created by long-time photography educator, Rachel Vanoven, the Collective is a membership based program that brings new, educational content from not only Rachel herself, but other industry creatives and business specialists. Inside the Collective you'll find hours of video and fresh faces each month that will help grow your photography!

This week only! As we head into week three of social distancing due to COVID-19, we realize that you’ve probably binged all the Netflix and are looking for something else to fill your day! Since this pandemic has never happened before, we decided to do something we’ve never done before, and that is open the Collective Vault up to members for FREE!

Open access will start now until April 5th 2020! We hope these days of quarantine coupled with learning will give our members a chance to be inspired by videos they may have missed or re-watch old favorites. What better use of an open schedule than to spend some time learning new techniques and growing your business for the future when we’re back to shooting!

This Week Only! 

Hands on Workshop

Teaching is a huge responsibility that I will never take lightly. My goal is never to have the learning end when the workshop ends, but to remain personally available to each and every photographer who takes a course with me. From observation styled Fly on the Wall workshops to intensive hands-on posing two day classes, I put my heart and soul into making sure that everyone leaves with their questions answered, problems solved, and skills exponentially increased.

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