Fly workshops are great for beginners who want to have a good foundation of knowledge for their business, long-time photographers who need to brush up on a few things, someone who struggles with lighting, people with social anxiety who can stay quiet if they’d like and let others ask questions, and people who like to have fun/relax while learning at the same time!

€ 550 TOTAL 

(€ 200 deposit due at booking
+ € 350 due 30 days before the workshop)

Newborn Session: Morning of March 24th 2020
Location: Cavazzale Vicenza, Italy
(Address: privately disclosed to attendees)

Fly on the Wall Newborn
Vicenza, Italy

After nearly a decade of teaching, I’ve learned that NO ONE learns the same way. Some people learn better from a 1:1, some do better in a large group. Some need to be hands on, others need to watch. Some people need help with only one pose or lighting, others need help with EVERYTHING. So I decided to start an entire new form of newborn workshops, and thats the Fly on the Wall, or observation style, workshop!

These workshops are affordable, relaxed, fun and still jam packed full of knowledge! We’ll meet at my studio and go over set up and newborn prep, then everyone (limit ten attendees) can sit back (or hover over my shoulders, or wander around the room) and watch me shoot an entire session start to finish. We’ll cover: Froggy, Timber, Womb, Tummy Time, Facing Forward, at least two prop shots, Wrapping, Macro, Parents, Sibling (if we can get a model with one!), Potato Sack, and Tucked in Tight (if baby stays sleeping!). The entire time, attendees can ask questions, take behind the scene shots to help them remember positioning and light placement, and observe how my sessions flow!

Afterwards, we’ll edit for at least an hour, then get cleaned up and head out to dinner…preferably someplace that has tacos and margaritas! 

Fly on the Wall

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