2012 superlatives – part two

I’ve been finding my favorite RVP moments of 2012, and started going through them here, and here is the second part of the list!

Most viral blog, my “Priorities” post, about my life changing decision to reevaluate how I was spending my time with work and family:

Most desperately needed time off…our time at my parents’ land in Brookville, right after my mom’s scary ovarian cancer diagnosis. Nothing like watching children splash in a shallow river to give you happy vibes <3

best use of an Anthropologie lamp shade:

Funnest time spent “working”…ALL of my 2012 workshops, not just this one! I feel so lucky that such crazy fun women (and a few men!) have taken my classes! I love that all of my workshop attendees seem to be just as weird as I am!

prettiest bath…Josie saw Cora’s bathtub photoshoot and decided that it looked like fun πŸ˜‰

Best cave! It was actually at Kentucky Down Under, NOT Mammoth Cave! We loved that this cave was smaller and had way more cave-y things like stalactites and stalagmites! Plus we were the only ones on the tour and the kids loved pestering the guide with questions!

Most likely my mom’s favorite newborn picture I took all year! She loves when I wrap them, she loves outdoor pictures and she loves the color orange!

Most “Oh So Posh-y” set up of mine! Lidia and I taught a workshop here in Indianapolis over the summer and she unexpectedly had to fly home due to Isadora’s health issues and I had the daunting job of teaching her styling/posing/processing! Aaaaaand here it is!

Craziest week of 2012–the Rise and Shine workshops week…we had two back to back two day workshops, one of the two-day workshops I ended up teaching alone, coupled with the fact we were in the middle of Indiana’s worst drought ever (it was 105 degrees out both outdoor days) and that my mom’s official Stage 1C Ovarian cancer diagnosis came in during the middle of them….whew! Let me just say a BIG thank you to the assistants (Karis, Anne and Shannon) for those days, and the workshop girls for being so freaking amazing during such a stressful time in my life!

Most heartbreaking goodbye to watch – Brynn saying farewell to her three year old rat, Penelope, who was growing large tumors all over her tiny little body πŸ™

Favorite behind the scenes shot of me with a newborn EVER! Thanks Kace, for capturing me and this workshop model having a total moment πŸ™‚

Best use of memes on my page!! I still crack up looking at it!

Happiest I saw my three year old all year – our mother/daughter roadtrip from a wedding in San Diego all the way up to Portland! This shot was from our evening on the California coast!

Most anticipated reunion- staying with Angie and her gang! I was able to photograph her little Quinn at the January San Francisco workshop that I taught, so I was thrilled to be able to spend more time with one of my best friends and her littles <3

Most unique (for me) newborn pose…sweet Veda (that skank Erin Tole‘s baby)–I had so much fun hanging out there for two days and snuggling this chunk of love! Erin was pretty cool too πŸ˜‰

Okay, I lied…*this* was the hardest goodbye to witness. My mom having to say goodbye to dear old Chessie dog after 13 years of being her “person”

Most inspiring – This woman. Right here. She has gone through so much, and is stronger than anyone I know. Not once did her faith or her sweet disposition falter and I can only hope to someday be the woman that my mama is.

Best use of chartreuse styling…love this color!

Β Baby who replaced Cora as my “muse baby” – meet Asher, my friend Kristin’s son who has already been photographed by me 5 times in 4 months!

Favorite sunset shot! Asher again πŸ˜‰

Most blatantly disobedient kids…mine! I tell them almost EVERY day to stop growing, but do they listen? Nooooooo.

Best Heisman pose goes to Nicholas, stiff arming this kid during flag football πŸ˜‰

Funnest mini-vacation! Nick and I took off for Cedar Point for his birthday in September!

(nevermind the illegal cell phone picture while on a ride shot)

Best happy surprise, my friends Kate and Jared finding out that a FOURTH baby girl is on the way!

Biggest time saver for Karis – collaborating with Angie and making these instructions to send out to clients before a shoot!

First shot taken with my Nikon D4!!!!! *swoon*

Diddly isn’t nearly as excited as she should be πŸ˜‰

Longest running client! Sarah and her brood!

Shot that had me peeing my pants with shock over getting: This one of SIX WEEK old Asher and his TEN WEEK old cousin Benny!

Favorite father and son shot. Oh, how I love this one!

Best outfit award for all FIVE times I photographed them this year!

One of my happy places…it’s all mine for the first time since I’ve had a studio and I’m loving playing around with decorating and having everything how I want it!

Most famous pants…these yellow cords that I *ahem* stole was given by my lovely Canadian clients! Josie loves them, and anytime she wears them, someone on my Instagram always yells about the famous stolen pants from Canada πŸ˜‰

sexiest prom picture.

‘nuf said.

Best dressed baby!

I just love these longies from The Sleeping Willow!

Most meaningful shot…all Rana wanted was pictures with her autistic son enjoying himself, making eye contact (with the camera OR her) and smiling! Love this shot of him looking right at his mommy with a big, fat smile on his face πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Β smiliest kid award—Brynn! Two year olds are notoriously hard ages to shoot just because they love being on the go! Brynn would sit down, wait for me to notice her, and then flash me this mega watt smile with absolutely NO “working for it” on my end!

Favorite shot of my kids. This one slays me over how grown up they all look!

Best example of lightning striking twice! Asher was back in (AGAIN) this time with his new cousin, Amelia, and wouldn’t you know it…we got another cousin shot!

Best use of continuous shooting mode…Anna (big sis) was very very very anti-holding still…I’m still not quite sure how this shot actually happened!

Best seats for a concert! Seeing Phillip Phillps play at the Tin Roof downtown Indy front row! *swoon*

Best photobomb…this guy from a session at my parents’ neighbor’s house!

Will be finishing this up with November-December superlatives after Christmas!!

Any favorite shots that I’m leaving out? Leave a link to a shot of mine that you like and maybe I’ll do a “fan favorite” post!! πŸ™‚

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