Milky Way Family Retreat Early Bird Sale

I’ve been a part of the Milky Way Retreats since their launch a few years ago, and when Lisa and Erin came to me with the idea of it, I let them know straight up that I was planning this Collective (I had no idea it was going to take so long to get off the ground!) and they were 100% supportive of that venture and still wanted me on board. And that, friends, is why I love the people in my life. Lisa and Erin are amazing educators and have once again created a wealth of information with the 2018 Family Retreat and I couldn’t be more proud to be teaching alongside so many talented educators in our industry!


My topic this year was all about working with a family that had multiple “hard” ages, with at least two children under 4, and at least four total kids! I did a model call and ended up finding this adorable family of six:


And let me tell you, they. were. TROOPERS!

I’d never shot in this location before (the field next to my house currently has two giant holes dug out for the basements of future homes! Wahhhh!), met this family AND it was raining! Yet somehow we pulled off a giant gallery and won over all four littles. I kept saying that they were too easy, but honestly I think I was able to use all of my tricks to get everyone enjoying our 90 minutes together! 


Afterwards, I told their mom that they were way too easy and worried that it wouldn’t be educational enough for “hard” aged kids, and she told me that it wasn’t that her kids were easy but I worked magic with them! <insert alllllll the happy feels>


I’m so excited to share this video with the 2018 Retreat members! You can sign up early here for $247 and save $50 during the Early Bird sale!

Aaaaand now for all of my favorites from this session:











I. Love. My. Job.



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