My brood-Spring 2011

Indianapolis had high sixties today…tomorrow? Mid fifties…for like, a week. Ugh. So we got outside 🙂

Our amazingly loyal, not-so-bright wheaten terrier, Honey. We love her ’cause she’s cute and puts up with the kids wrestling with her…but her hyper-activeness is *exhausting*!

Seriously, people. When did Nicholas grow up?

Josie just HAD to be like her big brother, and soon came running outside like a crazy person, waving her newly acquired hat and screaming like a banshee. So proud of herself 🙂


Nicholas really WAS happy. He just has this thing for posing all tough lately. *sigh*

who doesn’t love the generic macro shot of a dandelion?

I have some pretty freakin’ awesome kids.

c’est moi dans le reflet 😉

This next one rocks my socks. I secretly (maybe not so secretly?) have always been attracted to nerds…Nick is SO not a nerd, and managed to win me over with his dimples and gorgeous eyes. But I can stick my glasses on him for a few seconds (they are actually mens’ frames anyway) and try to imagine him as a bookworm….and I’m thinking while he’s pretty darn cute in nerd frames, I prefer my jock dude any day 🙂

he’s going to take one look at this and promptly go trim/shave his beard. 50 bucks says I’m right.


isn’t she such a hot mess??

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