YOUR pizazzy Christmas cards!

Hot dang, y’all! No really. I’m in awe of the sheer, raw talent that is the RVP fans. If I had known just how classy, just how skilled you guys were, I would have started showcasing beauty like you’re about to witness a LONG time ago!

Like I said the other day, I’m not organized (or brave) enough to actually make winners—so instead, everyone gets on the Christmas Card superlative list! πŸ˜‰

Best placed apostrophe,

Creepiest Nutcrackers,

& Most camouflaged kitty

sends THREE awards to KAS Images



See through ghost kitty

makes Chesney Photography the winner of scariest card award!

KlAsSiEsT uSe Of A cAr AiR fReShEnEr


biggest fire/burn hazard goes to Angie Knutson Photography!

Most realistic inserted kitty

(almost took off points for being too darn cute still!!!!) πŸ˜‰

from The Boutique Photography

Most likely to instill terrifying, mind numbing nightmares of glowing red devil children and dangling cats

by the lovely Life Captured



Are those hat’s real or photoshopped?

awards to Billie Bush Photography

Most-uh-natural blue eyes,

best place of unrealistic bokeh,

& Holy crap is that a candle in his clenched fist?

awards go to Falynn Dial Photography

HUGE award for using Grumpy Cat!!!

ANOTHER gold star for a farting unicorn!!!

and I’ll stop geeking with the shameful dog….

My mind is numb with the awesomeness oozing from this entry by Heather Richey Photography

Hungriest dog/oblivious baby that Β he’s about to be eaten award goes to Keri Hamilton Photography!

One that makes my eyes bleed the most


Most classic “Baby Hates Santa” shot!

by Laura Thornhill Photography

BEST skin tone, by far by Creative Custom Collages by Jesica

LOLOLOL at the pissed of cat! I laugh everytime I look at him!

Whew, but the award for this shot goes for best selective coloring! Because every parent wants their child to look like a vampire!

by Harlow Moon Photography

Best out-of-the-box thinkers/non-photoshop card goes to

BGB PhotoΒ & Design

WOOT! Big bonus points for sneaking an Elf on the Shelf in this one!

by SLJ Photography

Biggest mash up of craziness…not sure WHAT is going on here…the kid is like, part cartoon, part real, the baby’s first Christmas stockings…the CGI rat coming out of his pants….

Definitely the trippiest!!!!

by Hala Eliya Photography

Um…..are those rubber duckies?!?! LOL

I’m losing my mind midway through this blog post…rubber duckies?!?!?!

I say they win for most random PS brush utilized!

by Bluetree Photography

Oh you FANCY, with your bedazzled hats and upside down Christmas trees!?

Klassiest award goes to DNA Photography!

Appears to be the most legit work done! Gold stars all around for attention to detail!!!

by Jennifer Burden Photography

Most garish awesome actions used!

And Beluga whales?!?!?! Seriously, I have the best/funniest group of photographers participating in this!! LOL…who even thinks up Beluga whales?!?!

by Photography by Amber Lee

Best use of a WHITE VIGNETTE!

I especially love how it’s flat on one side and rounded on the other! Brilliant!

by Cat Howell

Too much amazingness going on award


Best side drama between kittehs award

goes to ReFOCUSed Photography


Best use of ninja kitties looking like they are saving children from snowballs!

by Polka Dot Umbrella Photography

Most “cringe” factor because I can tell the original shot was AMAZING before it was barfed on by Santa Claus!!

By Danielle Nicole White (I’m sorry, I couldn’t find if you had a photography page!)

Best stalking kitty, but sorry Crystal, you LOOOOOOOOOSE points for being incapable of misusing your own actions! πŸ˜‰

by Pure Actions for Photographers


Bonus points for:

regal unicorn

country Christmas snowman

creepiest cats ever

and flamboyant Christmas tree!!

by Alysia Richter Photography

FATTEST kitteh award,

best cartoonized children,


most hateful doggy!

by Britny Sirotak Photography

Most likely to give me a seizure by looking at it!

Best Diffuse Glow filter

and craziest selective coloring….ever.

by MVL Photography


scariest selective coloring combined with eye sharpening!

by ViGee Photography

Best snow


Cheek blushing!!!

by Amanda Cox

Wow. That was epic.

I apologize to any new fans/potential client that I’m scaring away with this blog πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Favorite part? Going to all of the photographers who participated pages and seeing how MAD talented you all are to produce such, uh….lovely images!! πŸ˜‰

THANKS for participating, guys!

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