Meet  the  team!

These people, where do I even start. I can not express how much each one of these humans have transformed the business. Say hello to all the behind the scenes people who make your experience the best!  

Nick Vanoven

Nick Studied business management at Florida State College and is the Chief of Finance in the Vanoven Business but most of you might know him as Rachel's husband. Our goals and vision for the company's future would not be possible without his strong sense of planning and knack for the numbers.
Nick Vanoven
CFO & Manager

Ambrose interned for Rachel in 2018 when she was finishing up her BFA at Indiana University Southeast. Her creative eye, photography background and drive for the Vanoven business made her an easy permanent choice to the team. She has given life to the Collective and our business as the Chief of Operations all while keeping Rachel from throwing her computer out the window out of frustration!

Ambrose is based out of Columbus, Indiana where she lives with her husband Chase, son Isaiah and 2 four legged fur babies. She's dog obsessed (we aren't joking, don't ask her she will show you tons of pictures), Loves to DIY home reno everything, and geeks out on podcasts in her spare time.

Ambrose Schneider
Operations Director & Designer

Ambrose Schneider

Isabelle Is our newest employee at the Rachel Vanoven shop!  She is a high school student Interning for photography with Rachel at the studio. She hosts and coordinates events/ party rentals. She is also who you'll meet at your next visit to the store! 
Isabelle medjeski
Sales Associate & Intern

Isabelle Medjeski

In the spring of 2013 Brianna went to Minnesota to watch Rachel speak at a PPA conference and neither of them had any idea about the relationship that was about to blossom. The handful of minutes that they spent left an impact on Rachel and by the Fall of 2013, Brianna had moved across the country to live with the Vanoven family and intern under Rachel while taking her senior year of high school online.

Five years later, Brianna has become an honorary Vanoven and still lives in the Indianapolis area, with her own thriving photography business. She still assists Rachel at newborn sessions when her schedule allows it, so there’s a chance new parents or workshop attendees will get to watch the Rachel/Brianna duo at work!

Her real passion in life is being a foster mom, and at 22 years old has already fostered seven sweet little ones. Her favorite food is orange pineapple fluff salad and tomatoes are the bane of her existence. 

Brianna Claassen
 Studio Assistant

Brianna Claassen

Melissa DalCorobbo

Melissa is the Shop Manager, she handles event planning, shop emails, and the online shop processing and shipping. shes your go to girl for keeping the shop sailing smooth! With her get it done personality and strong experience in administration she's a born leader. 
Melissa DalCorobbo
Shop Manager

“Obbiber” has become a staple at the Rachel Vanoven Shop, wiggling his way on to photographers’ laps as they edit at the shop’s editing bar. If you come into the shop when Rachel is working, you will almost certainly be greeted by this tiny Falcor look alike!

His main activities involve being awkwardly cute, flopping off of furniture completely on accident, eating literally anything, laying in sunshine and being all around the cutest dog in the world.

Official Shop Dog



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