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When you don’t blog for over a year, getting back in the saddle is super daunting. When that year was the craziest and most awful year of your life and you feel that you need to somehow sum it up in black text and package it nicely so it’s palatable for your blog readers, it’s […]

If there’s one thing I’ve found out about needing a hysterectomy at the age of 33, it’s that as soon as I mentioned that I was scheduled for one, dozens of women privately messaged me saying that they had also had one at a young age. Dozens. I’m talking at least thirty women of all ages […]

It’s been almost a month since my last blog, I’ve sat down a hundred times to write how we are doing now, but either the words wouldn’t come or there was someone who needed me. I finally have a little bit of time (knock on wood!) and just reading the last post feels like a […]

All of a sudden, we are a family of seven.

After six years of photography full-time, four years of teaching newborn photography and posing, roughly 600 newborns photographed, countless hours not only learning how to pose for myself, but how to teach other photographers how to improve, I’m excited to announce the newest member of the RVP eWorkshop family.

This time of year, especially being at my parents’ house, always makes a knot curl up in my stomach. I remember exactly where I was when I called my mom that day, June 29th of 2012. My older sister Karis had asked if I had talked to her yet that day, because she was sick. […]

cannot wait to add to this crew <3

Since all of my kids are home with coughs and stuffy noses and I’m missing church this morning, I’m going to take y’all to church on my blog, okay?

I hope this blog post is read with the understanding that I want to help those of you who are in the newborn photography vendor business. I receive an average of ten emails per week from hopeful vendors wanting to send me their products for free in return for the exposure they’ll gain by my […]