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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Blog!

If you haven’t fallen in love with Melanie from FAAS Design yet, you probably will soon. She’s been a friend of mine in the industry (she started out making phenomenal newborn accessories) and over the summer we met up for the first time and solidified that friendship. I was able to hear of some pretty amazing […]

With two boys and one girl, my sister Karis already knows she’s crazy blessed, but when they decided to have one more baby, Karis said from the beginning that she was hoping it would be a girl…just so Cora would be able to have the chance to have a relationship with a sister like the […]

Dear Lauren,

This week marked the one year anniversary of meeting Anne, and being able to see her the week before when she flew up here for her birthday was. awesome.

*Warning: I don’t ever edit/proofread my blogs, so there’s a. lot. of rambling.*

I met my husband while I was working in the To-Go room at Outback Steakhouse in Jacksonville, Florida. I had just ended my relationship with Brynn’s biological dad (it was a short, but real three month relationship that we both tried to make work for her sake, but ultimately decided we were better as friends…super […]

One of my friends and fellow photographer, Crystal of Pure Photoshop Actions, has a wall decal up that reads:

Last year, Indianapolis totally sucked in the snow accumulation department…this year wasn’t look much more promising, with days in the mid-60’s in early December. A few days after the kids’ Christmas break started, though, we fiiiiiinally got a nice little dumping of snow! I had a dilemma, though–Nicholas had outgrown his snow pants, and the […]