Adorable Props/Rachel Vanoven Photography GIVEAWAY!

Last fall as I was searching Etsy for a newborn hat artist, I came across Adorable Props, and I was *thrilled* to not only find gorgeous hats, but that they weren’t $50 a pop. I wanted merino wool, and I wanted hats made by someone who knew what they were doing…and have I mentioned color yet? I’m picky about the right colors that photograph best–and I’ve yet to see a hat by Meg that wasn’t going to photograph beautifully.

SO…here’s the deal. We need to get Adorable Props to 3,000 fans…what do you think? And can we get my page up another 300 some fans to 5,000? I’ve seen SO many awesome giveaways lately, but this is a laid back one with only two pages to “like”…maybe if I ever get up to 10k I’ll go all out 😉

The goods?

TWO numbers will be drawn, first. And whoever’s number it matches in the comments below will each win an Adorable Props beanie!


ONE number will be drawn for a FREE Newborn Posing Guide!

Here’s what to do, “like” both Adorable Prop‘s page and mine. Then come back here and let us know you did! And then the LAST step, is link this page (the giveaway page) and share it on YOUR blog, facebook page, fan page, or twitter. (Can you do that on twitter? I’m twitter illiterate.)


After Adorable Props reaches 3k fans, and I reach 5k fans, I’ll be doing a 24 hour $75 off the Newborn Posing Guide! Which will make it $150 instead of $225. THEN from everyone who buys the posing guide in that 24 hour time frame, I’ll put their names in a hat and draw two winners who will each receive an Adorable Props beanie! 🙂


So, only comment ONCE below, like our pages, and share the giveaway with your friends!

Now enjoy some of Adorable Props’ loveliness 🙂

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