FAAS Design + Coraline

If you haven’t fallen in love with Melanie from FAAS Design yet, you probably will soon. She’s been a friend of mine in the industry (she started out making phenomenal newborn accessories) and over the summer we met up for the first time and solidified that friendship. I was able to hear of some pretty amazing plans she has for her business and I couldn’t be more excited to watch it take off!

Karis (my big sister) has one of the most gorgeous little girls in the world – not that I’m biased as her aunt or anything – so when Kace told me that she bought Cora a pair of the boho mocs, and showed them to me, we just *had* to set up an impromptu shoot with one of Melanie’s headwraps as well 🙂

We took these on my parents’ land where my other sister, Lauren, had her wedding reception a month earlier. The lights were still up and picnic tables still out for a family get together, along with all the wildflowers picked from the field close by. Cora blew us all away by saying “flowers” articulately for the first time during this shoot <3

My pup, Bailey is one of the very best dogs in the world…I don’t know very many little dogs who will allow a not-quite-two-year-old to squeeze on them for ten minutes straight like she does!

FAAS is re-opening her shop on September 10th, with a new line for itty-bitties called “Milk Snob”…look for her on Instagram where she’s been posting tons of sneak peeks of that amazing looking brand! So happy to support not only a friend, but a small business that is run by a truly amazing and hardworking woman!

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