Grey – One Year Old

They don’t come much cuter than this, folks!

I had my first shoot ever with the adorable little man today and I’m head over heels in love with him and his parents already! You get immediate new favorite client status when a session consists of us chatting around the kitchen table while I spoon feed your kid greek yogurt and sweet potatoes (or were they carrots?). A big thing for me is having a slow paced, relaxed and fun shoot where I’m blowing raspberries on tummies and chatting about anything from where to find the best fresh fruit to favorite antique stores.

This shoot even had me breathing a big, fat sigh of relief because Grey’s mom just happens to own Sweet Lucinda’s in Zionsville and a certain photographer mom (me) forgot to order a certain birthday boy’s (Nicholas) cupcakes for his party (Tuesday). I’m beyond excited to also start offering Courtney’s amazing cakes/cupcakes for One Year Cake Smashing sessions. Although, you may want to steal the cake from your tot before they destroy it TOO much, because Grey made sure I taste tested HIS cupcake (i.e. he jammed his frosting coated finger into my mouth when I wasn’t looking) and it was divine!

Happy birthday, Grey! I can’t wait to shoot your family session in June!

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