Happy Birthday, Cami

Every so often, I toss around the idea of going all newborns. As in, no big kids over the age of one. And then, all it takes is one shoot and I’m reminded that–while it’s tempting to only shoot an immobile, sleeping, tiny infant– after 2 hours of chasing around a squealing one year old, or singing “I’m a Little Teapot” for the 73rd time for a 3 year old, I remember that I LOVE working with the bigger kids.

Cameron turned one, and I not only was able to be her newborn photographer, but her big brother Jack (who snuck in just a FEW pictures!) was one of my very first clients at HIS one year session. Literally, here’s a shot from his session, way back in 2008–probably my 15th or so shoot EVER!

(pardon the teeny size, I stole it off my old FB page! Shot with a Nikon D60 and kit lens!)

So by this point, Stephanie (Jack and Cami’s mama) and I are friends. We just happen to be friends who keep swearing we’ll hang out, and then life gets in the way! But SOON, Stephanie!! Our boys (Jack is the same age as my Nicholas) would be just perfect friends…so let’s get on that!

Anyways, this post is about Cami, right? Well, she was a gorgeous newborn…like stunning, I’m-sure-strangers-just-stared-at-her-gorgeous…

And now she’s ONE YEAR OLD! Where does the time go? She is still just as stunning, and I’m sure strangers are still staring at this beautiful, happy little girl!

and what would a session with me be without some, you know, FUN!?

this picture screams, BOY!

Stephanie: So so so so so glad you found me three years ago, I feel blessed to have been able to watch your amazing children grow and change. And YOU are an awesomely fun mom <3

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