Happy Easter

this is Josie’s “I-know-you-just-told-me-no-more-candy-but-I’m-in-charge-here-I’m-eating-the-dang-chocolate” face:

P.S. these pictures are grainy because they were taken before 7 am. ugh.

one shot out of 30 some that actually works.

and how about some macro eggs shots to finish the post?

So Nick worked this morning, which meant that we went to our church (The Vineyard in Greenwood) the night before Easter. It was a great service with contemporary music, a pastor who is awesome and gave a wonderful service….but (and it’s a little but) I was raised Southern Baptist and was wanting a little more tradition with my Easter Sunday sermon 🙂 So I took the kids to Valley Mills Church just a few minutes from my house, and made it to the 9:00 service which is their traditional service and I was just so happy 🙂 We sang “Up From the Grave” which is my all time favorite Easter hymn, AND the one contemporary song they sang is my favorite song at the moment, which is Matt Maher’s “Christ is Risen”. So pretty much I had an awesome Easter morning. (Besides orchestrating all the Easter morning festivities, trying to get three kids ready for church, getting three kids INTO church in the rain, dropping off the kids, and taking them to brunch by myself!)

Hope your’s was as blessed as mine!

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