Jacksonville Newborn Workshop

I had another amazing group of photographers at this workshop in Jacksonville, Florida! It was so great to spend an entire day shooting babies (albeit in an 89 degree room!) with photographers that felt like just hanging out with some friends and letting them in on my secrets instead of a school-y class type feel 🙂 I love my job! Once again, I just love watching the progression from the first shots/angles they everyone is taking at the beginning of the day, to seeing the compositions being nailed with the last baby! Love me some “light bulb” moments!

Can’t wait to be back down here in July doing another workshop!

The class:

Afterwards, my little sister was a willing model for a “bonus round” of shooting outdoors, practicing with backlighting and whatnot…always fun to get out and brave the fire ants/noseeums and get some amazing shots of my gorgeous little sis!

And as always, a HUGE GINORMOUS thanks to the vendors for the class:  Pure Photoshop Actions,Adorable PropsSew Whimsey, &  Bekima Knits!

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