Josie’s Birthday II

May 6th was Josie’s actual birthday, and the day started out like any other day…Josie Jo stealing the last 1/8th of my morning coffee…

Then we met Brandy at the zoo for some fun! (Thanks to my very stylish mom for getting Josie’s gorgeous outfit!!)

Then it was a quick stop home to pick up Daddy and Brynn, and then to Outback for a birthday dinner!

the bottom 3 faces she’s making are my favorites…she locks up all her muscles so hard she vibrates and makes silly faces and is such a goof nut!

Big sis Brynn is just getting so beautiful! They ALL need to stop growing!

Watching Toy Story 3 once the wait for dessert got long!


Sweet ending to a perfect day. Happy birthday Miss Joselyn Grace <3

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