Lucas-11 days

Oh how this little man stole my heart at his shoot this morning! I *love* all my newborn babies, but for whatever reason, this guy melted me. He was pretty sleepy the entire shoot, but every so often would open his gorgeous eyes and just stare at me while I was in the middle of posing him, and wouldn’t move or tighten up, but just slowly blink like a little baby owl and then drift back to sleep. As soon as I would take my hands away to snap a picture of it, he would close them or start to wiggle–so I guess he wanted it to be between us 😉

I always “talk” to the newborns, is that weird? I have carried entire conversations with my little mini models…and I like it. And just like no two newborns are ever the same, the parents are always different as well. Little Lucas (or should I say monstrously long for a newborn Lucas)’s parents were so laid back and chill–it’s no wonder I was in and out of his session in about an hour and a half due to HIS laid back-ness!

Some parents “ooh” and “ahh” throughout the shoot, some ask questions (I don’t mind at all!), some bust out their cameras (again, I don’t mind one bit!), some try to watch, but between the heat and shushing sounds, soon conk out on the couch, and others have a crazy look in their eyes and laugh maniacally as they thrust their little precious in my arms and declare they are taking a SHOWER and BATHING and getting something to EAT while I take care of baby for 2 hours. Okay, I’m embellishing a bit on that last part…kind of. 🙂

Anyways, Lucas’ parents offered me some coffee, then watched from across the room, which is why I had such a deep conversation with an 11 day old for the majority of the shoot 😉

Looking forward to falling head over heels in love with FOUR more newborns in the next four days (a set of twins in there!). Love. My. Job.

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