maddox and harper

There’s not too much to say about these kids (and their mama) that I haven’t already said. Sarah started out as one of my first clients three years ago, then I photographed Maddox’s birth and something changed in our relationship after that and we were catapulted straight to best friends. Last year, she started her own photography business, so coupled with 6 kids between the two of us, her full time job as a nurse, and my job…those evenings chatting over wine and a cheesy movie just don’t seem to happen, but I still consider Sarah one of my very very closest friends 🙂  Of course when she asked me to do Maddox’s two year pictures and Harpers four years…I not only jumped at the chance to photograph these precious kids, but also grab the opportunity to actually hang out!

This session was a GREAT example of what happens when Mom goes her own way and leaves me with the kids for 30 minutes of just playing and snapping pictures! Kids act *totally* different when no parents are around! 😉

Love ya, Sarah <3

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