kaila – indianapolis maternity photographer

Kaila was the last model for the 1:1 mentoring session I had last week! She actually attended a newborn posing workshop a few months back and it was *so* good to see her all pregnant and gorgeous!! We had just started out for the long-ish walk to the lake area when I noticed the sky was looking iffy. I had JUST checked the weather on my iPhone and there was absolutely nothing on the radar, but my spider sense was tingling, and I made the executive decision to turn back and give it a few minutes under the shelter of a walkway. Within 30 seconds, it was pouring, like hurricane (I’m from Florida so I can vouch, it was THAT torrential!) craziness…and it lasted almost a FULL HOUR! So we snapped a few shots under the safety of the arches, then got comfy on a bench and chatted about pregnancy and childbirth! 😉

Soon enough, the skies cleared, and the trees/bark/stones had that beautiful dark wet look, the greens were a little greener and the flowers a little happier…mixed with early evening yummy light…I was in photographer-heaven!

It was too wet for our flip flops (and Kaila’s heels!) so we walked the whole trek bare foot, laughing the whole time about how we felt like kids running around without shoes in puddles. Love my job 🙂

I can’t wait to meet little Ezra!!

And some behind the scenes!

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