Nolan is two! – Indianapolis Child Photographer

I’ve been photographing Nolan since he was just a few days old, and it was *such* a joy to see him again! We did the full year package last year, so I had gotten used to seeing him every three months…and boy did HE change in the year since I did his first birthday session!! Little dude was talking up a STORM, he knows his birthday and all sorts of crazy baby genius stuff is going on with him! I have my own two year old (who I thought was pretty smart) and I kept telling Nolan’s mom and dad that they have a real little Einstein on their hands!!

Besides being oh-so-smart, he is also as photographically stunning as they come with those blonde curls, chubby cheeks, green eyes and seriously pouty lips going on! We ventured out on another HOT 90+ degree day here in Indy, but he was a trooper and kept running around even when us adults were melting in the heat!

I had so much fun seeing you all again…tell Nolan no more growing until next year! 😉

A shot from Nolan’s newborn session:

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