The VanWinkle Bunch – Indianapolis Family Photographer

How gorgeous is this family?? I told Julie that she has photographer’s dream kids! One adorable-red-headed-freckled-blue-eyed-dimpled boy and one stunning-blue-eyed-pouty-lipped-curly-headed spitfire little girl! The shoot started off somewhat disastrous as far as shoots go, with little Beesie falling off a 2-3 foot high bridge into a field of nettles. Just in case you’re not familiar with nettles, they are fern like plans with spiky hairs cause an itchy rash. Right? Little miss thing sniffled for a little bit, but then was off and running once we got the dirt out of her hair. This mom of three whose seen a ton of boo-boos was totally impressed. 🙂

The rest of the shoot was smooth sailing, with the usual “beating-of-the-photographer-with-a-stick” to make the kids laugh, throwing rocks into the lake, tackling mommy and sword fights with sticks.

It’s always intimidating shooting another photographer’s family, (check out Julie here!) photographer’s kids are notorious camera-haters! But they did great and I had a blast 🙂 Hope you like your preview, Julie!!

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