Our first snow (and my granny’s hot chocolate recipe!)

Last year, Indianapolis totally sucked in the snow accumulation department…this year wasn’t look much more promising, with days in the mid-60’s in early December. A few days after the kids’ Christmas break started, though, we fiiiiiinally got a nice little dumping of snow! I had a dilemma, though–Nicholas had outgrown his snow pants, and the temps were supposed to be getting back up into the 40’s later that day so I was worried the snow would all melt before he got a chance to explore the new all white and sparkly world.

Luckily, we’re raising a pretty confident little guy and rocking his big sister’s hot pink flowered, hand-me-down pants didn’t even have him batting an eye! 😉

They were going to make a snow fort to have an epic snowball fight behind…it never amounted to much, but I’ll blog the legit snowball fight that went down at my parents’ house a few days after this, later this week!

I have a picture from two years ago when Joss was around 8 or 9 months old, and she just HATED the snow, the cold, and pretty much anything that didn’t involve sitting inside, sucking her thumb and snuggling her blanket. I’m happy that this year she’s actually the craziest when it comes to snow out of all of them! Sister will have packed snow inside her gloves and frozen snot dripping down her face and she will refuse to come in!

Love this handsome little man.

There is still a time and a place to suck your thumb while clutching your beloved “Gackie Boo” blanket in the Vanoven home, though 😉

Now about that hot chocolate recipe!!!

get 4 1/2 cups  water boiling in a pot on the stove


1/2c sugar and 1 TBSP cocoa (pre mixed together)


1.5 cans evaporated milk

1/2 TBSP vanilla

reduce heat to simmer

**if you end up letting it sit on the stove for a while, make sure to have a spoon to skim the top off every now and then**

 enjoy. 🙂

Soaking in the last two full days of my kids’ break from school!

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