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Heather – Do you like having your picture taken?  no. Do you like taking pictures like your mom? yes. What is the best part about third grade? everything!

Heather S. – What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be in the Air Force!

Megan B. – Do you cook other food besides hot dogs? Yes, I make popcorn.

Michelle C. /Ashley/ Briana O./Heather G./Bekah- What is your favorite book? My favorite book is the Dork Diaries and A Wrinkle In Time.

Patricia S. – Did you have fun writing your first blog? It was fun but tiring! Any advice for me when I write my first blog, I am super nervous! Just take a deep breath and try to relax and think about what you want to blog about 🙂

Kim – What do you eat on your hot dogs? Ketchup I only eat ketchup,

Melissa/Mary M. – What is at the top of your Christmas wish list? A U.S. Military jet.

Megan F. – Do 9 year olds still use Lip Smackers? I’ve never heard of them.

Caitlin – Do you enjoy having a little sister and brother that look up to you and want to be like you? I don’t really know!

Emma – Do you take pictures with your mom? I have no idea. Do you like school? Yes, I love school!

Janet – What do you like to do for fun? I mostly like to play with my Littlest Pet Shop dolls.

Megan – What is your favorite food? My favorite is macaroni and cheese because I really really like the noodles.

Jessica – What’s it like having a little brother? It’s fun, but overwhelming.

Nikki M./Stephanie/Mendi/Cassie- What do you want to be when you grow up and *why*? I want to be in the Air Force because it would be pretty cool to fly a jet and I really want to serve our country!

Phani M. – What is your most favorite, FUUUUUUUN thing you like to do? Especially in the winter when the weather is grumpy and you’re stuck inside the house? I like mostly to play with my toys, but sometimes I do watercolor paintings or it would just be TV.

Shandell – Would you do a photoshoot of your Mom? I think it would be fun to see the photos that YOU take of HER! You pick everything from what she wears to the location of the photoshoot! That’d be awesome if I got to decide!

Chelsea – What is your favorite character from a book? uhhhhh, Meg from a Wrinkle in Time! What character in a book do you think you are most like? Nicki Maxwell from the Dork Diaries

Kristin – Do you plan on doing more blog posts? Some, but yes 🙂

Sunshine – What is your favorite hobby? I like to imagine things!

Kristin G. – What is one special thing you and your mom do together that I could do with my little girl? Well, we sketch together!

Jesica – What is your favorite project that you ever did for school? I picked the bones out of an owl pellet – that’s owl BARF!

Kristy – If you could be any character from any book, who would you be and why? One of the Thea Sisters! Because they get to go on these crazy adventures all over the world!

Stacey- What is the most fun thing your mom does while taking your photo? My 10 year old never wants me to take his picture, so maybe you can give me some pointers to make it more fun for him! Ummm, nothing really! I just smile to get it over with 🙂

Danyelle – What is your favorite food that your mom makes for you? I LOVE turkey drumsticks! Anything that you’re not fond of eating? anything that involves vegetables.

Margo – What do you like best about school? everything! I love school! What is the worst thing about school? math. because math is like the hardest for me.

Heidi – Do you take your own photos? sometimes I do yes! And do you think you’ll take lots of photos of your kids if you become a mother? Yes I think so!

Ali – How was your birthday party? Was it all you thought it would be and more? Yes it was so fun! There were 2 hot tubs, 3 water slides, a lazy river, a pool and one place for the little kids to play. What was your favorite gift? my favorite gift was the password journal by girl tech!

Hardy Photography – Do you like taking pictures, too? yes yes i do!

Nana – What did you have for lunch after church? I went to Panera and I had peanut butter and jelly and a gogurt!

Gillian B. – What is your favorite part about being a big sister? my favorite part about being a big sister is bossing everyone around.

Desirae C. – What do you love to do the most with your brother and sister? what I like to do the most is play shopping with my little sister Josie and I love to wrestle with my brother.

Karie – When you are 29, what do you want to be doing? When I’m 29, I’m going to be married!

Billy – What is your favorite color? pink and blue What is your shoe size? What is your favorite thing about your brother? He has a very lot of energy! What did you eat for breakfast? cereal what else?! What is your favorite thing about your sister? she is obsessed with Dora which makes her more cuter What color are your socks? I have lots of socks! where do I start? Do you like tigers? I like cats how about that? Is that enough questions? Yes! I think so!

Brenda F. – How do you like third grade?It’s really fun Are you learning lots of interesting things? Well yeah!

Ashley M. – How old were you when you started gymnastics? Seven Do you think you’ll keep doing it? Maybe. Mommy says I have to keep trying really really hard.

Breanna – What’s the name of your church? Kingsway Christian Church

Pamela – We are expecting a baby girl in 10 weeks, can you think of a name for her? Tyler, Courtney, Mya, Molly, Madeline, and Lylah

Stephanie – I’m the mommy of twin girls who will be two in January, what do you think I should get them? Pillow Racers by Little Tykes!

Adriana J. – What is your favorite movie? Hm. Aliens in the Attic. 

Miranda- We are having a baby girl in a few weeks and my husband really likes the name Brynn for a middle name if it’s a girl. What do you think? I’d like the opinion of an experienced “Brynn”! Take it from me! I love my name!

Kristin – What is your favorite subject in school? Reading, I am a book worm!

Katie – If you were elected President of the United States, what would be the first thing you would do? I would make sure that everything was taken care of if you were allergic to a certain thing if it was in your neighborhood and you got near it I would make sure it was cleaned off and changed to something else. And I would make sure homeless people and dogs and cats would have homes. And I would NOT RAISE TAXES. How about that one? That’s the big one everyone wants.

Christie – If your Mom let you have a day completely all your own, what would you do? 1. Have pizza for breakfast. 2. Do whatever I want 3. No school.

Stephanie S./Laura A. – If you could go any place in the world, where would you go and why? Hm. Rio de Janeiro, because I really don’t like cities I love jungles!

Tracy -Do you have any advice on how to get my six year old daughter to like having her photos taken and now frown every time I pull the camera out? Here’s an idea. Offer a treat to her and if she does good during the pictures she will get it! Or you could promise to go some place special if you can. And she might do it.

Laura A. – What is your favorite song? Calling All the Monsters by China Ann McClain Singer/Band? Ant Farm Do you like music? Yes I LOVE music! Do you like to dance? I would do that any day if I could!

Kris – If you could live anywhere for a month, where would you choose? I would live in a big tall mansion where my family could be happy. Who would you like to go with you and what would you do? I would like my friends to come over and we could have a big sleepover!

Rachel B. – Are you more of a “princessy” girl or more of a tomboy? I’m more of a tomboy, ate a bug once, even picked through owl barf.

Kendra R. – Do you think you’ll be a guest blogger again soon? Yes, I even got a blog in my mind right now…QUESTIONS ANSWERED. Or it could be “the grossest thing I have ever seen” yeah.

My first editing! My mom says I edited it in RAW, I fixed the highlights where it was red and did some other stuff I can’t remember. Don’t even try to ask please! I tried a few actions in photo shop called Peacock Feather and Honey but the one I used is Egyptian Queen. I like it because it is very very pretty. To put two pictures together we used math by using 9 x 2 = 18.

thats all for now! hope you have a great day! thanks for ALL 101 comments on my first blog!


Rachel here! Brynn answered all of these completely on her own! I helped with some typing, but I’m so proud of her! She has been thinking about blog ideas since she came home from school! I think I’ll have to make her a regular guest blogger! 😉 She just asked me if I was going to start paying her!

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