Summer 2012 – Us

update on my mom:
she was scheduled for a hysterectomy on Friday, but pre-surgery screening showed “numerous” blood clots in both legs. She was in so much pain from them that it was hard to walk and they admitted her for the past two days and she has been receiving blood thinners and pain medication. The doctor seemed pretty sure it was ovarian cancer, but we are praying and hoping that it turns out to be either nothing at all, or completely contained to her ovary and will be gone once it’s removed. She is scheduled for her hysterectomy now for Monday. The blood clots are still a worry but the threat of cancer is very real and outweighs that risk. As  you can imagine, we are all very worried and wanting to spend as much family time as we can right now to support my mom. I will be teaching my workshops this month as planned (this weekend and the Rise & Shine Workshops the 20th/21st and the 23rd/24th) but will be spending the majority of my time at my parents’ home.
Please keep my mama in your prayers. Pray for strength for her and wisdom on the surgeons’ part. She has been reading every comment on my fan page and my Instagram, and your words have been SO encouraging to all of us, so please keep them coming! 
(from the lake house in Michigan last year)

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