What is the Newborn Posing Guide?

The newborn posing guide is what I’ve learned in the past four years, condensed into to thirty pages.

The first 10 pages include styling advice, what not to buy, what TO buy, and where to find it.
There are three pages of preparation in terms of set up, how to prepare the parents, and soothing techniques.
The last pages are full of step-by-step instructions with images from beginning, to mid-pose, to final result.
The poses included are:
1. Knee to elbow
2. Chin on arms
3. Hands holding head-composite
4. Stacked Toes
5. In Daddy’s Hands
Also covered: how to angle with natural window light, clothing tips for YOU, and loads of other nuggets of wisdom I’ve discovered through my career as a newborn photographer.
Here are some images from the e-book!

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