Camden and big brother Dane – Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but A) I love my job and B) I have a new top 10 favorite family to photograph! Big brother Dane just turned me into a puddle of mush with those dimples, and sweet little (if you consider 9 lbs. 11 oz little) Camden was just as perfect as a 10 day old baby can be. Not to mention it’s always a fun shoot where I’m holding a whispered conversation with baby’s mom the whole time! I’m looking forward to seeing these boys grow and change, but just not too much too soon!

A big, fat thanks to one of my very best friends and amazing fellow photographer Brandy Dawson for coming out and lending her slightly-smaller-yet-still-pretty-big hands once again! You should see the two of us at a newborn shoot, I’m like a surgeon making little nods and grunts and she grabs whatever I need her to grab and supports whatever I need supported without me uttering a coherent question. 🙂

And thanks also, Brandy, for these always fun behind the scenes shots!

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