One-on-One with Robin Wray Photography

6 day old Aminah…

8 week (yes, week) old Blaize

He came 10 weeks early and spent 7 1/2 weeks in the NICU!

I had such a fantastic time with Robin today at my first ever one-on-one mentoring session! I have tossed around the idea before, and I’m SO glad that it worked out and that Robin was my first solo mentee (is that a word?)…we had a BLAST! The best part of this was being able to FINALLY to have some hands on time while teaching, and Robin did a wonderful job posing both of the sweet babies.

I’ll be working on a schedule for these one-on-one mentoring sessions, and will be opening those up shortly. 🙂

I’m also putting together a schedule for the group workshops for the fall, with a workshop in Ohio, and another one in Jacksonville, FL coming up!

HUGE thanks to Becky, my lovely assistant (and former workshop attendee) for the day…always a blast!

And another big, fat shout out to Indy Studio Share, as this was my FIRST shoot at the Stutz Building and, well, I’m in love. Wasn’t that light *divine*?

And as it’s becoming a “thing” here are some behind the scenes from our oh-so-fun day…

i. love. my. job.

…and you thought posing an 8 week old was hard work…this one below was so fussy and peed EVERYWHERE. Ugh.

*so* proud of you Robin! I just loved seeing those light bulbs popping over your head!

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