More Behind the Scenes

I can’t tell you enough how much I am loving doing one-on-one mentoring. I love being able to pour all my attention and energy into one watchful observer, and then in turn watching closely and helping as she dove in there herself and got to pose the babies. I love watching both at my workshops and with Robin, photographers realizing that they *can* do this! That I’m not magic and I don’t just get “lucky” with easy babies, but there is a formula to create and steps to follow…I like to think of it as a dance. A slow, LONG dance!

Anyways, thanks to Becky Stuck from HB Photography for these…

Robin intently watching…

Her first go-at-it!

this was my first time shooting at the new studio at the Stutz Building, and well, as you can see, it’s phenomenal

I have been blessed with a job that not only allows me to snuggle newborns all the time, but also to meet some incredible women (and a few men!)…so thankful for all of the photographers whose paths have crossed with mine!

this picture? my happy place 🙂

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