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This week was basically “Groundhog Day, photography edition” with every morning starting the same, 5:00 alarm, coffee, devotions, kids off to school, more coffee, off to the Shop, edit from about 8:30-3:30, home, dinner, shoot at 6:00, home by 8:00, kids to bed, fall asleep while watching Netflix with the husband.

I’ve been a part of the Milky Way Retreats since their launch a few years ago, and when Lisa and Erin came to me with the idea of it, I let them know straight up that I was planning this Collective (I had no idea it was going to take so long to get off […]

Take a second real fast and go read this six year old blog post from 2012.

Three days and FIVE newborns, whew! All ranging from four to ten days and so darn sweet.

When you don’t blog for over a year, getting back in the saddle is super daunting. When that year was the craziest and most awful year of your life and you feel that you need to somehow sum it up in black text and package it nicely so it’s palatable for your blog readers, it’s […]

After six years of photography full-time, four years of teaching newborn photography and posing, roughly 600 newborns photographed, countless hours not only learning how to pose for myself, but how to teach other photographers how to improve, I’m excited to announce the newest member of the RVP eWorkshop family.

If you haven’t fallen in love with Melanie from FAAS Design yet, you probably will soon. She’s been a friend of mine in the industry (she started out making phenomenal newborn accessories) and over the summer we met up for the first time and solidified that friendship. I was able to hear of some pretty amazing […]

One of my friends and fellow photographer, Crystal of Pure Photoshop Actions, has a wall decal up that reads:

I’ve been finding my favorite RVP moments of 2012, and started going through them here, and here is the second part of the list!