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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Blog!

Sponge Bob’s gots it. I’ve gots it. Do *you* gots it?

Heather – Do you like having your picture taken?  no. Do you like taking pictures like your mom? yes. What is the best part about third grade? everything!

2012 was a c-a-h-r-a-z-y  year here at RVP, both business wise and family wise for me! So I thought it would be super fun to show (in order) the highs -and some lows- from the past 365 days. I couldn’t do it all in one blog post, mostly because, duh, the year isn’t over yet…so […]

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Please read the entire blog carefully before sending emails asking questions! Also make sure to read the title so I don’t have to answer, “Where are your workshops located?” a million bajillion times 🙂 Thanks!

A new blog feature every so often! Meet the women of the Rachel Vanoven Photography eWorkshop Group! There are so many talented and amazing individuals who are a part of this group, I thought showcasing one at a time would be a great way for the other members and blog readers to “meet” them! So […]

Two weeks ago I spent 8 days  near Dallas, Texas with my amazing friend, Lidia from Oh So Posh Photography. We taught two 2-day Rise & Shine Workshops geared for advanced photographers looking to work on perfecting their newborn and child photography techniques. I expected the week to be crazy busy, totally fun and full […]