Nicholas Pickleous Pie.

Or Mr. Pie, if he’s being fancy. Although he does sometimes only answer to Optimus Prime 😉

Nicholas is our middle child, the boy of the bunch, and my angel boy. He has a girlfriend (Harper Grace) but if you ask him who his girl is, he gets this adorable ear to ear grin on his face and will tell you it’s me. *swoon* The child is the boy I never knew I wanted. I was the middle of three girls, and never ever wanted a boy. I wasn’t that girl who had a ton of guy friends, and I really only had one, maybe two serious boyfriends through high school and college, so the male species is completely foreign to me (just ask Nick). But the moment that squawking baby boy was laid in my arms, I knew I could handle the boy-thing.

I have to say, in my brief stint as a wedding photographer (loved it, just not the time away from home!) the *only* time I would tear up would be that mother/son dance. When the mom is staring up at this man, who at one point was this tiny baby boy, and then a toddler obsessed with fire trucks and train sets, and then a kid who could pretend to be a super hero but still sucked his thumb and whispered “you’re my girl, mom”, to the teenager she couldn’t understand, the college kid who loved to come home and have mom spoil him, to that man leading her on the dance floor. Who was so special that some woman (and my brides were/are amazing women!) chose HIM (her boy!) to spend the rest of their lives with. I’m telling you…everyone watches and sighs over the father/daughter dances, but it’s those grown men and their first “girls” that choke me up.

Anyways, I’m off topic (kind of) but that pretty much sums up how I feel about this little guy. My super-hero obsessed thumb sucker. 🙂

what is it about sticks that little boys love??

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